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Commercial Marine Rope

What Commercial Marine Ropes Do We Supply?

Whether the application is mooring, towing, cranes, or any other requirement, Southern Ropes’ commitment to perfection means quality and care that is second to none. In Commercial Marine applications - inland, coastal or offshore our products are designed and manufactured with attention to detail.

As a leader in many of the most demanding applications – climbing lines, sailing ropes and HMPE Rope; Southern Ropes understands critical applications at a higher level.

Southern Ropes' HMPE Super-12 stronger than steel

Why Choose our Commercial Marine Rope?

Southern Ropes can custom tailor products for the optimum solution to a given challenge by working with users to fully understand the needs of each particular application. We make technical enhancements daily to our ropes for our customers to improve their systems and value for money.

We precisely manufacture our Commercial Marine Ropes to provide the strength, elongation, and abrasion resistance characteristics necessary for most Commercial Marine operations.

Many of these ropes serve as the perfect substitute for wire rope applications. Compared to the wire, our lines are lighter in weight, easier and safer to handle and provide an extended, corrosive-free service life.

We have supplied Commercial Marine Ropes to some big names, such as The Royal Navy, City Cruises and other large Commercial Marine Companies.

Southern Ropes' HMPE GP-12 Orange Rope