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Southern Ropes' HMPE Stealth Fibre
Southern Ropes' HMPE Stealth Fibre


Southern Ropes is the UK's leading supplier of HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) Rope with the brand name Stealth Fibre®. Our fully customisable HMPE Stealth Fibre® can be made specifically for our customer's applications.

Combining the latest in thermofixation & coating advancements, our Stealth Technology® increases the number of crystals in the fibre. Doing this provides abrasion-resistant protection and evens out all stresses in our ropes. These features allow for every fibre to work together—equally sharing the load—thus increasing total performance and strength to produce ropes second to none.

Diagram of Southern Ropes' HMPE Stealth Fibre Technology Rope

How We Make Our HMPE Rope

Southern Ropes' HMPE Stealth Fibre - How is it made?

Raw Stealth Fibre® is braided, immersed, and impregnated with a specially formulated, proprietary coating.

Southern Ropes' HMPE Stealth Fibre - How is it made?

The freshly coated rope then passes through a pre-drying unit to cure the coating.

Southern Ropes' HMPE Stealth Fibre - How is it made?

Finally, the rope passes through a heat-setting oven. Force is applied to bend the rope and remove virtually all stretch.


HMPE Super-12® is made with white Stealth Fibre® and coated with polyurethane to give its performance characteristics and colour.


Until recently, HMPE was only available in white; if you wanted colour, you had to coat it. GP-12, on the other hand, uses solution-dyed Stealth Fibre® yarn, which means the pigment embedded inside the polymer during the spinning process will not rub off. Unlike competing products that have only been coated with a particular colour. GP-12 exhibits precisely the same performance and strength characteristics as Super-12® except it has far superior colourfastness, much the same as other synthetic fibres available in white or colour.


HMPE Stealth Fibre® ropes, like Super-12 & GP-12, are not only stronger than steel wire rope of the same diameter but weigh eight times less! These features not only make handling the rope easier but make it dramatically safer to use. The combination of low specific gravity and ultra-low stretch means low kinetic energy and minimal inertia if the line fails.


With a specific gravity of 0.97, HMPE Stealth Fibre® is naturally buoyant and floats in salt and fresh water; this is a crucial factor when working in depth. You do not need to account for additional weight from the line, as you would for wire rope or polyester.


Super-12 and GP-12 exceed the minimum breaking strength of ISO 10325 by an average of 20%.

Southern Ropes' HMPE Super-12 Unrivalled Strength
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