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Southern Ropes' HMPE Stealth Fibre
Southern Ropes' HMPE Stealth Fibre

Rope Constructions: Twisted, Braided and Covered

Twisted Rope

Southern Ropes Rope Construction Braided Rope Twisted Rope


Archaeologists have found 3-Strand TwistedRopes dating back thousands of years. Three-strand twisted rope is created by taking one or more bundles of fibre and twisting them into a strand. The three formed strands are then twisted to produce the finished rope. Initially, twisted ropes were all made by hand, but now we make them on modern compound rope machines. 4-strand ropes can also be made in the same manner and are common in continental Europe. 

Braided Rope


The most straightforward Braided Rope Construction, this construction gives an easily gripped knobbly structure. Examples include 8-Strand Nylon for anchoring and mooring, as well as Fast Rope used for rapid helicopter descent.

Southern Ropes Rope Constructions Braided Rope


This Braided Rope Construction gives a rounder and smoother form than 8-strand. 12-Strand is the ideal construction for rope cores and high-strength braids; it’s also very easily spliced. Examples include Super-12, GP-12 and 12-Strand Polysteel.

Southern Ropes Braided Rope

Covered Rope

Southern Ropes Super-T Braid

Plaited Cover

Southern Ropes supplies ropes with a plaited cover. These covers give the core rope extra protection against wear and chafing. Applications where a rope will be rubbed or chafed will benefit significantly from using a cover.

Southern Ropes Rope Cover

Custom Cover

We provide ropes manufactured with a protective cover such as Super Braid and Super Speed. We also can put a custom cover on a core of your choice to meet the requirements of your specific application; our product Superline is designed for customisation for that very purpose.